Transient Generator Pt1.

by Quotah

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The first 2 tracks off the LP.


released September 7, 2016

Written and performed by Yusef Quotah
Recorded and Produced by Brian Olive @ the Diamonds.
Mastered by Dave Davis @ QCA



all rights reserved


Quotah Cincinnati, Ohio

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Track Name: This is Gold
There were days, I wondered where you're going to
And if you knew my name
There were days, that I knew it could never work
And I'm so glad you came

Well I always sink, when I'm about to break
I'lll be sinking all the way
I know you'd pull me up, even though we've been stuck
Now we keep sinking all the way

Ah, I know
This is gold, this is gold
Ah, I know
This is gold.

Jumping in, the water rushes over me
Trying not to breath
Jumping in, nothing ever bothers you
I don't think you agree

We keep on watching the sky, for fear of losing the night
Keep on watching, don't turn away
I know we missed it again, we'll make believe we're all friends
Now comes the time to turn away

Ah, I know
This is gold, this is gold
Ah, i know
This is gold
Track Name: Different Endings
Goes through our heads
It feels as though we're dead

Tolerate them
I guess it all depends
How new is everything
How new is that

Don't think I know anyone who is left
Man Machine is on and we'll listen instead
It's ok that we're sad, it's ok, now we've slept
I'm glad it's not the last time that I will feel right

Into the storm
They've seen before
It hasn't aged that well
And they have more

Time to behave
I know you won't behave
I'll be here when you're done
If thats ok

Still don't see anyone here that I've met
Man Machine is done, I guess I'll start it again
I don't know why I'm sad, I think I'm just spent
You gotta keep on moving, gotta keep on feeling that thrill

We will end staring at the sky.